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We are passionate about helping people keeps their homes and businesses safe from smoke, carbon monoxide and fire. Contact us now for more information or to schedule your free chimney inspection today!

Chimneys are wonderful additions to any home or business. From an aesthetics perspective, they both provide an opportunity to showcase a little style and offer comfort especially during the cold winter months.

However, they can also pose a risk if they are not maintained properly over time, which overtime may lead to a chimney rebuild. In older homes and businesses most especially, chimneys can become dangerous, making your property vulnerable to smoke, fire and carbon monoxide if not regularly inspected.

Regular chimney inspections and cleanings, especially for older buildings, are a must to ensure maximized safety for your investment. A licensed professional should inspect your chimney biannually to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could lead to an accident.

Chimney inspections during the fall season and then again right after winter season are the most ideal to ensure its structural integrity. Preventing chimney deterioration is key in maintaining a safe home or business.

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