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GNC Masonry is ready to build your dream outdoor fireplace. Give us a call at 615-445 0543 to make an appointment with our experienced technicians!

When the winter mist subsides, our weather can be mind-bogglingly beautiful. And here, we make the most of the outdoors.

How better to enjoy outdoor living than with the addition of an outdoor fireplace? Here at GNC Masonry, we specialize in installing and building all kinds of outdoor fireplaces, big and small. Whether you’re looking for a simple gas-burning unit or to have a more involved masonry wood-burning unit built — with an accompanying pizza oven — our technicians can do the job.

We’ll have a lot to talk about when planning your new outdoor fireplace, and that usually starts with how you plan to use it. Are you looking for something to provide a lot of warmth to your outdoor living area? Something to cook with? An aesthetic addition? These decisions will end up informing all the other decisions you’ll need to make about your fireplace.

When it comes to the placement, shape and layout of a new masonry unit, we can work with the uniqueness of your home to build something that really fits your vision. Do you have a space that could become a cozy and romantic hideaway with the right fireplace? A wide expanse that could be a gathering and entertaining space for the whole family? Whatever the space, we can create the environment you’re envisioning.

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